Treatments – What you can expect

When first coming to see Michelle she will spend 1 ½ hours with you reviewing your medical history and talking about current symptoms and /or issues with your health. She will explain how her treatments will help you and lay out a prognosis and length of time required to see her.

Michelle will discuss the treatment with you and give you the opportunity to ask for more information or clarify any concerns you may have. Usually at the end of a course of treatments she will assess how you are responding and if necessary offer further ongoing health management steps for your complete recovery.

To become the best version of ourselves that we can often involves a complex interaction of healing influences that support our intention.

With this in mind Michelle encourages her clients to resource, when necessary, the expertise of Medical Doctors and other Allied Health professionals.

How many visits?

Generally speaking a course of treatments with Michelle involves 6 – 8 sessions.
Her second and ongoing treatments take 1 hour.