Treatments – Diet and Lifestyle

The food we eat is our most basic form of medicine. This is well known by the people of far eastern cultures who follow a balanced diet as integral to long term health. Chinese Medicine has an entire system of dietary remedies that embrace eating according to the seasons. The range of disease pathologies associated with each organ system can be alleviated over the long term via dietary alterations.

It becomes a process of eating consciously, knowing the benefits and detriments of the food we consume on a daily basis. Tremendous relief may be achieved through pursuing dietary changes.

When a more complete nutritional plan is required, Michelle will refer to Emma Ellice Flint, the Nutritionist in the clinic.

When you take responsibility for managing your lifestyle and your health, you can create a new foundation, free of the habits that contribute to your ill health.
Michelle’s lifestyle counseling and lifestyle management programs help you manage your ill health and create a more balanced life. Support consists of simple “how to” steps you may choose to embrace.

It may require a change in focus, a shift in attitude or direction to help you move away from experiencing limitation. Michelle will offer suggestions to help you create a happier, healthier foundation for wholistic wellness. Some of these suggestions may incorporate exercise regimes, referrals to other health professionals and assistance in breaking patterns that are harmful to health.