Treatments – Japanese Acupuncture

Michelle has found Japanese acupuncture to be a cutting edge innovative style of Acupuncture. It has evolved via years of research and incorporates theories of modern physics and scientific research, bedded with the fundamental concepts of energy pathways and internal circuitry of the body, as is known to all Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners.

Japanese Acupuncture, has as its foundation, the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but the application of the treatments are more refined, pain free and highly successful.
As the basis of Chinese Medicine theory involves the delicate interchanges of the individual with his/her environment the practitioner takes into account certain signposts.
Time of day, season, person’s posture and body language, dietary sensitivities, skin colour, tone of voice, abdominal findings, tongue and or pulse signs are all important clues pointing to where in the body the imbalances may be found. Each sign post points to a number of possible clues for the practitioner to determine which system or systems of the body need to be addressed and in which order.

Simplistically speaking, Acupuncture restores where the energy is blocked and re-initiates the body’s ability to heal itself. Japanese Acupuncture provides the practitioner with a set of tools that facilitate an effective return to health with a very high success rate.

This is experienced by the client as a pain free, relaxing 1 hour, where they feel they are being given the best care. In the course of treatments you will experience some of the relaxing, innovative approaches of Japanese acupuncture such as – ion pumping chords, ion beam devices, electrostatic adsorbers, tonetskyu, chonetskyu and Ondan moxa.

Non-penetrating instruments such as inri-shin, teishins, and yoneyama. Silver, stainless steel and copper press studs as well as bio-magnetic therapy. Intradermals for the ear and body, which painlessly relieve associated symptoms. Gentle glass suction cups are used to release pressure and tightness of the muscles and/ or innervate a sluggish system. The heating and soothing techniques of the Tiger and Elephant warmers sends clients into a deep level of relaxation.

For those who are nervous about being needled, the Toyohari methods of non-insertion treatments are available.

Michelle utilises the research and findings of Dr Paul Nogier, a neurologist from France who is responsible for mapping the ear as a micro system of the body. Small stimulation of these specific points targets precisely the areas being treated and provides ongoing neurological stimulation that has a profound affect on reducing pain and symptoms.