Treatments – Herbs

Chinese herbs play a prominent support role in Michelle’s treatments.
The Chinese herbal pharmacopoeia is a rich storehouse of ancient herbs prescribed to aid in treating a wide range of disorders. It embraces all the domains of nature, drawing from plant, animal, sea and mineral components of the earth.

Chinese herb preparations play a big role in Michelle’s fertility programs. For those women who are seeking a natural fertility approach the herbs and the acupuncture restore health to the follicular, ovulating and luteal phases of each woman’s cycle. Thus, potentiating the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Michelle orders her herbs from an Australian company which sources only organic when possible and or the highest standard of herbs from small suppliers in China and Korea assuring you the best quality herbs.

The herbs may be ingested in capsule or granule form.

Michelle has tremendous respect for herbal medicine and its ability to affect organic changes and she offers herbs to each client when she feels it will help them achieve a greater level of health and vitality.